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About Wat Pramote


Wat Pramote

Wat Pramote, an ancient temple in Samut Songkhram

It is located at Ban Pramote, Moo 2, Tambon Ban Pramote, Amphoe Bang Khonthi, Samut Songkhram Province. Wat Pramote is an ancient temple built in an unknown year and has been dilapidated. It is believed to be a temple with an age similar to Wat Bang Khae, which is located nearby. Eventually, Phra Khru Wimolkiet came to perform a ritual and started to rebuild the temple. The first abbot was appointed as the chief monk, followed by the subsequent abbots who continued to inherit the position. The rebuilding and ritual activities made Wat Pramote a complete temple in terms of its religious structures, such as the ubosot, the scripture hall, the bell tower, the chedi, and so on. This made Wat Pramote a clean and beautiful temple, which should be visited. This temple is fully equipped with education, including a Dhamma school, a primary school, and a Buddhist college. It was authorized to be a temple in the year 2441 BE and was granted a royal patronage in 2496 BE


Important things of the temple that should be admired and worshiped are:

1. The new ubosot built in 1952 and the main Buddha image in the ubosot Which is an old Buddha image, made of red stone, in the posture of meditation, was taken from Wat In Prasert Pak Ngam. which is an abandoned temple Arathana is enshrined in the ubosot. and gave him the name "Phra Indraprasert"
2.   Vihara Yod Mondop Enshrined Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya People call him "Luang Pho To", a sacred Buddha image. It is highly revered by the people of this locality. In addition, the temple was built very beautifully.
3. Chetura Muk Pavilion  King Rama V Memorial
4. Holy Scriptures Hall, Thai-style teak house very old beautiful located in the middle of the pond
5. Crematorium, 3 beautiful castles in Samut Songkhram Province 
6. Central tower, bell tower, beautiful Thai style


Perform an exorcism ceremony, ask for forgiveness

Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Exorcism is a ritual based on the ancient belief that it can enhance your luck, and often prolong your life. Or fix bad things to become good. Starting to make merit from the beginning of the year will increase luck.
Add glory to life, happiness and success throughout the year and forever. The rites of inheritance, prolong your life and exorcism

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