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Wat Pramote has provided this privacy notice. so that the user Visitors have been informed of the policy of Pramote Temple. About the collection, use and disclosure of personal information This is in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (“Personal Data Protection Act”), relevant laws and regulations. By posting this privacy policy, we will inform you about how Wat Pramote collects, uses or discloses your personal data, the types of data and the purposes for doing so. including details about the period of data retention. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties, Your Rights, Confidentiality and Security of Your Personal Data and how you can contact Wat Pramote



  1. personal data definition
    “Personal data” means information about an individual that enables it to be identified, directly or indirectly, in accordance with applicable law.


  2. Collection of Personal Information
    2.1 Personal Data Collected
    The company collects your personal information and other information as follows:
    1) Name, Surname
    2) address
    3) Email
    4) Phone number
    5) Social media contact information (e.g. LINE ID, Facebook ID)
    6) Other personal information that you have provided to the company.
    2.2 Methods for collecting personal data
    The company will collect personal information through many channels. The company will receive your information directly with the company or through or other websites of the company or from other sources that are not directly from you, such as from other organizations or persons. provide security services social media platforms, etc.
    2.3 Period of Personal Data Retention
    The company will collect your personal data for the purposes stated for the period as long as you are the customer of the company. And will keep and continue to use for 10 years after you cease being a customer of the company, as necessary for the purpose of collecting personal information or as required by law


  3. Purpose of collecting personal information
    The company will collect, use and/or disclose various information including your personal information. as it is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Company or with your consent or due to other legitimate reasons as necessary for the following purposes
    1) To use, including to administer and manage your information in organizing the Company's marketing activities according to the terms and conditions for participating in each activity.
    2) To provide information, give advice, publicize about products, services or marketing activities through the channels you provided. Including for the presentation of the company's products and services.
    3) To develop products and services as well as promotional activities and marketing activities of the Company
    4) To communicate, respond to, and provide assistance to you. Including for after-sales service.
    5) To verify identity before providing services to you
    6) For research and development of products and services of the company
    7) To provide services and/or for communication, parcel delivery, such as making inquiries about the satisfaction of the company's products and services Notification of promotional activities or special discounts
    8) To fulfill the contract
    9) To comply with the law and/or for the public interest
    10) To prevent or suppress a danger to a person's life, body or health.

    If you do not provide your personal information to the Company may cause the Company Service may not be available to you in some cases.


  4. protection of personal information
    The company will keep your personal data very well in accordance with technical measures. and management measures To maintain security in the appropriate processing of personal data and to prevent personal data breach, loss, access, destruction, use, conversion, correction, use of data or disclose information outside the objectives or without power or without the like

    However, you are free to give consent for the company to collect, use or disclose your personal data. The company will not set conditions for consent to access to the service. or enter into a contract with the Company If the personal data is not necessary or relevant for entering into the contract or obtaining the service

    In addition, the company also requires employees, personnel, representatives and recipients of information from the company. is responsible for keeping your personal information confidential and secure in accordance with the measures set by the company when taking any action with your personal information

    In the event that the owner of any personal data is underage considered a minor under the Civil and Commercial Code Your consent must also be obtained from the parent who has the authority to act on your behalf. If the person giving consent is a minor under 10 years of age, the consent of the parent must be obtained directly.

    In the event that the owner of any personal data is an incompetent or quasi-incompetent person Consent must be obtained from the curator or guardian who has the power to act on behalf of the incompetent or quasi-incompetent person, as the case may be.

    The company will process your information to be accurate, current, complete and not cause misunderstandings.


  5. disclosure of personal information
    5.1 Categories of recipients of personal data
    In conducting business, the Company needs to disclose necessary personal information to various service companies and business partners of the Company, such as market data analysis services Freight Forwarding development of safety protection application development promotional activities communication postal parcel delivery and disclosure of other information according to the purpose of using the information under Clause 3
    2 Sending or transferring personal data overseas
    In some cases, the company The stored information is transferred to the company's database. on a computer located in a foreign country Operated and managed by the Company's business partners in foreign countries, which have adequate personal data protection standards, in accordance with the applicable General Data Protection Laws of Thailand. This information will be strictly secured.


  6. Owner's rights of personal data
    You have the following rights under the rules. In accordance with the applicable General Data Protection Laws of Thailand.
    1) You can withdraw your consent. By contacting through the channels that the company Prepared according to Clause 8, the company would like to inform that if you withdraw your consent You may lose the right to receive information or privileges, including contacts from the company. for special privileges and various activities of the company
    2) You can request access, request a copy, request correction or update of your personal data that is under the responsibility of the company. to be accurate, up-to-date, complete and not misleading
    3) You can request disclosure of the acquisition of your personal data for which you have not given your consent.
    4) You have the right to request or ask the Company Send or transfer your personal data to another data controller.
    5) You can object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data or suspend the use of personal data in some cases. as long as the law requires
    6) You can request the company to delete or destroy or make your personal data non-personally identifiable in some cases. as long as the law requires
    7) You can complain to the competent government agency.


  7. use of cookies
    1) "Cookies" are small computer data that will be sent to the user's browser to collect information about visiting the website. To improve the website and provide better service
    2) The Company will store cookies or similar technologies. To improve the efficiency of platform use and accessibility of the Company's services. through the internet It will be used for the following cases.
    a. To allow you to log in to your account on the Company's platform. continuously and safely
    b. To collect information about your use of the Platform Including the platform style that you set.
    C. To store information about your usage patterns and interests. for the company will develop and improve the website to meet your interests as much as possible and able to use the website conveniently faster and more efficient
    3) Types of cookies used by the Company
    a. Platform Functionality Cookies Used to remember what you have selected or set on the platform. This includes providing personalized information such as user name, language and platform design.
    b. Advertising cookies are used to remember what you have visited. Including the nature of your use To present products, services or advertising media that are relevant and match your interests. and evaluate the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns.
    C. Technical Cookies It is a type of cookie that is essential for the use of the Platform. so that you can access information thoroughly and securely
    d. Cookies to measure the performance of the Platform. Used to store information of platform visitors anonymously. And to analyze the number and behavior of visitors. To improve the platform to be more efficient and meet the needs of users.
    E. Third Party Cookies This type of cookie is set by a third party service provider.


  8. Updates to Privacy Policy
    The Company reserves the right to amend and update this Privacy Policy, in which case the Company will notify you of the amendment. In addition, the company may inform you of other details about your personal data such as the purpose of collecting your personal data. In case of being outside of this policy, the amendment to this privacy policy Or other details about personal information will come into effect as soon as the company have informed you according to the method that the Company deems appropriate, except in the case where the Company Your consent is required by law. in which case Amendments to this Privacy Policy Or any other details about the privacy policy will come into effect when the company have received your consent

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